Bloomberg Mobile Terminal

Mobile Alerts

Design recommendations for an alert notificaiton feature for the Bloomberg Mobile App.

Alert Creation and Management (Tablet Interface)

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In this design alerts are accessed from an alerts button on the main monitor details screen at the top right of that screen's title bar. This button takes the user to an alert settings screen for that monitor, which appears via a left to right slide transition.

Alert Settings / Saved Alerts

From this screen the user can access settings such as a show alerts toggle (on/off), an alert type (banner / modal), and an alert frequency. This screen also displays a list of previously created alerts. Users can select / deselect each without affecting the global setting, slide to delete, or add a new alert.

Alert Creation Module

By clicking the add alert button (below the 'saved alerts' list) the user can create a new alert and assign it a name (user-defined) and symbol (by searching existing symbols). The user can also set alert conditions including alert type (last price, etc), condition (greater than price, greater than another field, etc), and value which may be replaced by 'compare field' depending on the condition selected.

Alert Notification and Response

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Alert Modal

An alert modal appears whenever a condition arises matching the user's alert preferences. It may be replaced by a banner alert depending on preferences, and frequency can be adjusted in the event that the alerts become obtrusive. It can also be disbaled completely.

Alert Details

Clicking the details button on the alert takes the user to a summary screen for that security with an alert details callout identifying the condition triggering the alert.

Alert Creation and Management (Phone Interface)

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Alert Creation on a Phone

The phone version of the interface is analogous to the tablet version. The user accesses alerts from an alerts button on the main Monitor screen and are taken to the alert settings screen where they can adjust settings and view previously created alerts.

Due to space limitations the alert creation modal appears as a modal above the alert settings screen, where the user can create a new alert and set alert conditions comparable to the tablet interface.